Have you noticed that storms generate more rain and flooding on your property? Have you seen fewer lightning bugs and wildlife in your yards in summer? Do you enjoy gardening?

If you answered YES to any of these questions please join us at the Bucks County Conservation District on February 21st to swap seeds with your neighbors! Join us for an evening swapping seeds, enjoying light refreshments, and chatting with your neighbors about planting gardens and native species! We can all do our part to slow and keep stormwater on our properties and gardens are a great way to do that.  We will provide some pens and envelopes to facilitate seed giving.

Who: Gardeners of all kinds, renters, and homeowners looking for native plant inspiration.

Where: Conference room at 1456 Ferry Rd, Suite 704, Doylestown, PA 1890

When: Wednesday February 21st from 4pm – 6pm

Cost to attend: FREE

About: We highly recommend you bring veggie, fruit, herb, native plant, or flower seeds to give away and trade with your neighbors! Bringing seeds is not required to participate in this free event, you are welcome to bring nothing and leave with something fun and novel to plant in your garden.

Rules: Bring seeds that have been bought/grown within the past 4 YEARS, bring growing instructions for seeds you are giving away.

What to bring: Envelopes to give seeds, pens/markers to write, seeds, and your wonderful self.

To learn more or register click here.