What is a Watershed, anyway?

A watershed collects rain and surface water, and delivers it downslope to a distinct body of water.

Falling rain hits the ground and either sinks into the soil (infiltration) or moves across the surface (run-off) carrying debris, pollution, or soil particles with it. Precipitation, transformed by the land it travels over or through, determines the quality of our surface and groundwater.

These waters offer sustenance, recreation, nature appreciation, and more.

Diagram courtesy of Maxfield Design

Wherever you are in Bucks County, you stand in one, usually more, watersheds.

What you do in your backyard, doesn’t stay there. Rain and snow carry evidence of your life and work into larger and larger watersheds. Leaving your neighborhood, water mingles with the contributions of your entire community. Repeated over and over, we are all living downstream.

Nearly all of Bucks County drains into the Delaware River. Along the northwestern edge of the county, the East Branch Perkiomen, and the Perkiomen Creek feed into the Schuylkill River.

Ten sub watersheds collect water from over 40 named tributaries dissecting the county. Can you find your watershed, your nearest stream?

Bucks County Conservation District works to protect soil and water.

We conserve watersheds. Everyone has a role to play. Are you…

… a Resident?

Common water problems have solutions that can benefit people, water quality, and wildlife. Discover conservation landscaping as a means to achieve aesthetic, habitat, and water management goals.

…a Municipality?

Looking for information or support for stormwater or open space management?

Looking for Documents?

A selection of historical watershed plans and assessments for Bucks County watersheds can be found here.

…a Streamside Landowner?

Streams and creeks can change quickly with rainfall. Storm events can leave a wake of flooding, erosion, and downed trees. Your streamside property is a resource to be managed and cared for.

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