Turfgrass lawns are losing their standing as status symbols since these maintained monocultures –

  • contribute to poor water quality through polluted runoff
  • inhibit groundwater recharge by creating conditions for surface runoff,
  • require CO2 emitting maintenance, and
  • do not support, and often harm, native insects and wildlife.

Do you have a half acre or more of maintained turfgrass you’d like to convert to a lower maintenance, higher value habitat? Assistance is available in Pennsylvania! Visit PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources program offering at their Lawn Conversion program site. If you’re already convinced and ready to go, fill out their Contact Form, to start the process and confirm eligibility.

If you’d like to discuss your yard, your vision, or your concerns before contacting DCNR, please reach out to the BCCD Watershed Specialist at kogden@bucksccd.org / 215-345-7577. More habitat and less turfgrass will go a long way towards climate resiliency and ecological health.