Program Summary

The mission of the BCCD is to provide for the wise use, management and development of Bucks County’s natural resources. The Dirt and Gravel/Low Volume Roads program is an integral component to achieving our mission.

The goal of the Dirt & Gravel Low Volume Road Program is to protect water quality by providing funding to local governments for the improvement of roadways and drainage systems, that have a direct connection to or impact on surface waters within the county. Funding for these programs is provided through the Center for Dirt & Gravel Roads at Penn State University, and the PA State Conservation Commission. The BCCD administers and implements this program so that Bucks County may enjoy a better road system with a reduced environmental impact.

In 2015, big changes were seen in the Dirt & Gravel/Low Volume Road program in Bucks County. With help from a recently increased state budget and the 2013 Transportation funding bill, the dirt & gravel program was expanded to also cover low volume roads starting in January 2015. 

This year, Bucks County received $100,000 to administer on Dirt & Gravel and $192,831 on Low Volume Roads. In order to qualify for the low volume road funding, the road must have under 500 vehicles travel on it per day. Please see the links below and in the left tab for more information on the required ESM training, previously funded projects, and how to apply for the funding available.

Dirt & Gravel Road Quality Assurance Board of Directors Meetings

The DGLVR QAB meetings are held on an as needed basis virtually via Zoom meetings. Public attendance is allowed. The meetings will be posted on the BCCD website in advance as a public notice. To participate, please contact Morgan Schuster at the contact below.

Contact Information

Morgan Schuster

Dirt and Gravel/Low Volume Roads Administrator
Phone:  610-324-6287