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Penn State Conservation Leadership School scholarships for Bucks County high school students

BCCD Director Memorial Scholarship Program 

In the fall of 2013, the BCCD lost a long-standing member of our board of directors, Joseph Francis Matejik to a tragic accident on his farm. To memorialize Joe, and to honor his strong beliefs and innovative efforts in conservation practices, the BCCD Board of Directors established the Joseph F. Matejik Memorial Scholarship for Continuing Education.

Since then the BCCD has sought to find a way to recognize and remember all of those who have served and supported the District as Directors and have since passed on. With that mission in mind the District has renamed the Joseph Matejik Scholarship program the BCCD Director Memorial Scholarship for Continuing Education. It is our honor to aid those residents of Bucks County who endeavor to become more educated and continue the legacy of our Directors by promoting responsible and innovative conservation practices.

While the memorialization of this scholarship program has expanded to include many, we at BCCD will always remember the spirit of Joe Matejik which first inspired its creation. Thank you to all who have served and supported the mission of Bucks County Conservation District. Including;

Joseph F. Matejik

Harold Haldeman

Malcolm Crooks

Leonard Crooke



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