Pennsylvania law requires that any proposed earth disturbance activity that will result in a total of five thousand (5000) square feet or more of earth disturbance has developed and implemented a written Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan.  These engineered plans depict various erosion controls which must be installed to prevent soil particles from leaving the disturbed areas.

An NPDES permit application (NOI)  should be submitted to the Bucks County Conservation District when earth disturbance will exceed one acre.

Many municpalities within Bucks County require that a written plan must be submitted to the District for review and approval prior to issuance of any building permits. Some municipal zoning ordinances require a plan be submitted when an area over one thousand (1000) square feet of earth disturbance is proposed.

The District enforces environmental regulation by reviewing submitted plans, and ensuring their adequacy. Once a project is underway, it is the District’s responsibility to regularly inspect the construction site, provide written inspection reports if a site is found to be out of compliance with state law, and to impose monetary penalties for ongoing violations.

While these are responsibilities that the District is obligated to complete, there are many other programs that our mission, and Conservation District Law allow us to be involved in. The BCCD was formed as an agricultural assistance provider, and remains so. We have also expanded our roles in Watershed Management and Protection, as well as Environmental Education. Please, take the time to view our Programs and Services pages to learn more.

Please note: Bucks County Conservation District does not administer the Title 25-Chapter 105 Program. All inquiries regarding stream obstructions and encroachments should be directed to the PADEP Southeast Regional Office.