Programs and Services

“Take care of the land and the land will take care of you.”
Hugh Hammond Bennett, 1947
(Founder of the Soil Conservation Service, now NRCS)

The Bucks County Conservation District promotes conservation practices in the agricultural community by:

  • Assisting farmers with improvement of agriculture, conservation, and nutrient management activities.
  • Administering and/or publicizing financial opportunities for conservation planning and implementation.
  • Administering and distributing information regarding Nutrient Management Law (Act 38) and Manure Management (Chapter 91).
  • Promoting and assisting in educational events pertaining to agricultural conservation.

The agricultural program in Bucks County maintains a working partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture: Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). This partnership enhances the conservation of the county’s soil and water resources.

Helpful Links:

For informationĀ on local Bucks County farms and community supported agriculture (CSAs) download: Fresh From Bucks County Farms

Contact Information

Agricultural Conservation Technician

Ryan Herstine

Phone: 215-345-7577  ext. 115