Interested in learning more about the spotted lanternfly and some methods to control the spread?

Our 2019 Summer Intern, Ashlin Brooks, developed two factsheets targeted for Agricultural Producers and Contractors.

Our 2020 Summer Intern, Baileigh Rosado, developed two videos pertaining to the identification and management of the spotted lanternfly.

Tree Banding and Circle Traps:

In this video we discuss two control methods.  Baileigh will walk you through how to implement tree bands and circle traps within your own backyard.  Both control methods are an effective way to capture spotted lanternfly nymphs.

Spotted Lanternfly Identification and Background:

The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive insect which has done extensive damage to agricultural and forestry lands across Bucks County as well as many other counties and states. This video goes in depth on its background as an invasive species as well as look at its life cycle and how to identify it during each of its life phases.